Egypt High Court cancels ban on Uber and Careem operations

Bloomberg/Tomohiro Ohsumi

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The ban follows legal challenges Uber has faced in countries around the world.

Sunday 24, February 2019

(Bloomberg) --Egypt’s supreme administrative court ruled that Uber Technologies and ride-sharing rival Careem Networks can continue operating in the most populous Arab nation, cancelling a lower court ruling to halt their activities.

A ban on the companies’ operations had been temporarily suspended last year pending the higher court ruling.

The original case was filed by local taxi drivers who accused San Francisco-based Uber and United Arab Emirates-based Careem of violating Egyptian traffic laws by using private vehicles for commercial purposes.

Uber’s licence was revoked last year in London, though a judge later granted a probationary reprieve. The European Union’s top court ruled in December that the business must be regulated as a transportation service.

The two ride-hailing companies have been expanding their services in Egypt, a nation of more than 96 million where public transport can barely keep pace with demand and streets are choked with traffic.


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