Boeing open to rebrand grounded 737 Max jet

Bloomberg/David Ryder

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If Boeing rebrands 737 Max jet, it would be following a suggestion made two months ago by US President Donald Trump, who tweeted that the company should rebrand the plane with a new name.

Tuesday 18, June 2019

(Bloomberg) --Boeing is open to dropping the “Max” branding for its latest 737 jetliner, depending on an assessment of consumer and airline responses to an aircraft name that is been tarnished by two fatal crashes and a three-month grounding.

Greg Smith, the Chief Financial Officer, said, “I’d say we’re being open-minded to all the input we get, we’re committed to doing what we need to do to restore it and if that means changing the brand to restore it, then we will address that.”

For now, executives insist they have no immediate plans to drop the Max name for something less associated with tragedy, such as the product numbers that marked earlier generations of the company’s best-selling aircraft.

A name change would be a retreat for the planemaker, which has worked hard to capture the imagination of travellers with monikers such as Max and Dreamliner, as the 787 is called.

The damage to the company’s own name, as well as its jetliner brands, is just one aspect of the crisis that Boeing teams are managing from a Seattle-area war room.

While it’s up to global regulators to determine when the 737 Max will eventually fly again, Boeing is trying to anticipate and plan for every possible scenario related to the unprecedented grounding, which has triggered one of the worst crises in the planemaker’s century-long history.


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