Apple inaugurates $10 a month magazine, news subscription service

Bloomberg/David Paul Morris

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The magazine bundle is part of a collection of new services Apple is rolling out as it seeks to boost revenue from sources other than the iPhone.

Tuesday 26, March 2019

(Bloomberg) --Apple presented its long-anticipated magazine subscription service, bundling access to selected glossy titles, websites and newspapers for $10 a month.

Roger Rosner, the Vice President of Applications, said that the new service, called Apple News+, will be incorporated into the existing Apple News app that comes pre-installed on iPhones, iPads and Macs.

Additionally, more than 300 magazines will be part of the service. The Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times will also be included in the app, but not The Washington Post or The New York Times. Bloomberg Businessweek will be part of the magazine section. A demonstration showed that some magazines, like National Geographic, have dynamic, moving covers.

The service launches today for $9.99 a month, with the first month free. It will be available in the US and Canada, with the UK and Australia coming later in the year.

The News+ service will be its own tab in the existing News app and will not interrupt the free section, the demo showed. Magazines can be downloaded automatically for offline reading.

The service’s tab features access to magazine cover stories, new issues, and individual articles. Magazine creators are tweaking their issues depending on whether the story is read on an iPhone or the bigger iPad screen.

The magazine service is based on an application called Texture, which Apple acquired about a year ago. Texture had agreements with more than 200 magazines. Some publishers have reportedly baulked at the terms Apple offered to be part of the magazine bundle.

Apple launched a News app in 2015, letting users follow topics that suit their interest, subscribe to individual publications and read selected articles for free. Apple has an internal team that decides which news stories are shown to users.

The News app was not Apple’s first foray into the business, however. It followed Newsstand in 2011 that allowed people to download and display digital versions of newspapers and magazines on their mobile devices.


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