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Airbus to ask airlines to check wings of older A380s for cracks

Bloomberg/Jasper Juinen

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In February, Airbus said that it would stop making the iconic double-decker.

Wednesday 10, July 2019

Airbus is expected to ask airlines operating 25 of its older A380 planes to inspect their wings for possible cracks, a problem that is arisen in the past on the double-decker aircraft, reported Bloomberg.

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) said that some fissures were found on planes in service, which may reduce the wings’ structural integrity.

A wing-crack debacle seven years ago cost Airbus millions of euros in repair and service costs, only one of the issues that plagued the world’s biggest passenger plane.

Airlines must use ultrasonic testing methods for the inspections and alert Airbus for repair instructions before the plane’s next planned flight, added the EASA’s directive.


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